DeCotiis has a long and diverse history of providing comprehensive legal services in connection with construction projects. Whether the project is relatively small, or a multibillion-dollar undertaking (we have represented several of these), whether it is public or private, whatever role a client plays in the project, our firm is ready to step in and help at any stage – and we have the track record to prove it.

Construction is a unique industry. It involves significant capital investment. Each project is complex, and each is unique. And much of the law and regulation involved is extremely technical. It is essential to work with a firm that can handle the technical aspects, yet is also pragmatic and hands-on enough to resolve disputes or problems as quickly as possible and allow the project to proceed.

At DeCotiis, we have experience in every aspect of construction – from contracting to permitting to arbitration to licensing, liens, surety and bond claims. We have the resources, expertise and perspective to help keep projects moving forward smoothly to completion. 

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