Cannabis Law

Our extensive experience in highly regulated industries tells us that businesses interested in entering the medicinal and/or emerging recreational cannabis markets in New Jersey face significant legal, regulatory and business challenges.  With our representation, businesses will benefit from an experienced legal team to assist them in navigating the complex, and at times very uncertain, developing regulatory environment. DeCotiis attorneys have a long history and deep involvement in representing companies in highly regulated industries like casino gaming, insurance, energy, health and all aspects of medical licensure, environmental compliance, tax and banking regulation.  DeCotiis also has a long history representing national clients in the highly regulated field of alcohol beverage sales and control, which provides a parallel model in many respects to the medicinal and recreational marijuana industry.  DeCotiis has a recognized, experienced and expert team of regulatory and business attorneys and litigators who can provide all of the attorney services a business will need to be a fully, legally compliant and effective business competitors in this emerging and challenging market.   We are prepared to service all areas of the cannabis industry, including:

· Legal and Regulatory Compliance

· Government Relations

· Tax, Banking and Finance  

· Licensing and Permitting

· Distribution/Transportation, Cultivation and Processing

· Intellectual Property

· Land Use and Zoning

· Financial Services and Investment

· Business Counseling and Litigation

· Real Estate

· Labor & Employment

The legalization of cannabis is a complex and rapidly evolving issue that requires an in-depth understanding of current and proposed laws and regulations and how they affect you, your business model and your community.

DeCotiis' attorneys, in conjunction with its Registered Public Affairs Agents, are at the forefront of medical and recreational marijuana legalization issues, and are trusted advisors to the public and private sector.  This background, highlighted by our experience representing highly regulated industries, makes us uniquely qualified to guide our clients through the evolving complexities surrounding all marijuana-related legal and regulatory issues.

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