The DeCotiis Healthcare Law practice group has a long and successful history of representing clients in a wide range of complex issues affecting the healthcare industry. Attorneys of the group have represented medical professionals, hospitals, HMOs, medical schools and pharmaceutical companies. Currently, DeCotiis is retained by several insurance companies to defend medical professionals and medical facilities in malpractice litigation, particularly when significant punitive damages are being sought.

Our healthcare attorneys also specialize in contract negotiation for physicians seeking employment with medical groups, medical groups that hire associate physicians and medical groups that enter into an exclusive contract with a hospital. In addition, a substantial segment of our practice is comprised of attorneys who represent physicians, dentists, chiropractors, pharmacists, nurses, physical therapists and athletic trainers before state licensing boards. In this latter capacity we have one of New Jersey’s most renowned practices.

Drawing from the interdisciplinary nature of the firm, attorneys in the Healthcare Practice Group work closely with other practice groups, including White Collar and Corporate Investigations and Litigation, to defend healthcare professionals who have charges filed against them. Attorneys in the group have successfully represented clients in lawsuits over treatment of patients, hospital privileges and third party payer disputes with insurers Medicare and Medicaid.

We have defended professionals before these bodies for over twenty-five years. It is high stakes advocacy, in that livelihoods and reputations are at stake. Anthony LaBue, a DeCotiis partner, helped draft the legislation that guides these hearings. Defending a physician in this setting is a highly specialized form of representation, in that a disciplinary hearing differs markedly from courtroom proceedings. For example, by and large, participation is limited to the professional himself – attorneys play a much less active role than in a traditional courtroom. The procedure is different, the rules are different and it is a specialty in which experience and advance preparation are critical.

The DeCotiis Healthcare Law team is intimately familiar with the laws, procedures and customs of disciplinary panels. We know what works – in-depth medical knowledge, and the support of convincing, highly qualified and reputable experts. We also know that we are providing a highly personal service to a professional whose career may be in jeopardy. Our role is to provide support and guidance in addition to legal expertise for medical professionals going through a harrowing and critical professional experience.

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