Public Finance

Public Finance is a complex, ever-changing field. The DeCotiis Public Finance Practice Group provides clients with a unique, exceptionally effective combination of the three things a top-flight public finance practice demands: experience, innovation and service. The senior attorneys in this group all have a minimum track record of twenty years of public finance work. The team has been involved in virtually every form of public finance, in every conceivable capacity. The remarkable depth and breadth of our practice history insures that projects are overseen by a seasoned lawyer who is focused on one thing: results.

Our public clients have included the State of New Jersey and many of its independent authorities and bi-state agencies; numerous counties and municipalities and their respective independent authorities; local boards of education and fire districts; and governmentally sponsored "on behalf of" organizations. We have participated in an exceptionally wide range of transactions including general obligation bonds, certificates of participation and lease revenue bonds, state "subject to appropriation" contract-based bonds, pooled loan and lease transactions, installment sale agreements, and numerous types of revenue bonds (including bonds issued for multi-family housing projects, solid waste facilities, hospitals and nursing homes, continuing care retirement centers, colleges and schools and various other charitable and for-profit entities).

We have also assisted issuers in negotiating credit and liquidity support, governmental subsidies, investment agreements (including repurchase, float and forward sale agreements) and interest rate swap arrangements. We have served clients in every capacity - as bond counsel, underwriter's counsel and borrower's counsel. The DeCotiis Public Finance Group consists of exceptionally experienced attorneys whose specialized skills in the public finance arena allow them to bring a remarkable depth of knowledge to each new project, and to deliver comprehensive, full-service support to any transaction.

In addition to bond work, our attorneys have assisted public and private clients in a diverse array of related areas such as privatization of public systems and facilities; municipal sales of property tax receivables or tax levy; seeking and obtaining state debt service assistance; drafting and lobbying relating to new bond financing legislation; preparation of redevelopment plans and negotiations of property tax abatements and exemptions; maintenance of tax exempt status in connection with changes in use; work-outs following defaults; and the negotiation of various contracts related to bond issues.

The scope of our experience allows us to devise singularly innovative solutions and approaches when a transaction requires it. We approach each project with an appreciation for the unique needs and objectives of the client and structure the transaction accordingly. When appropriate, this can even mean inventing a whole new form of transaction. As an example, we have frequently created new finance vehicles for our clients, such as leasing pools or solar energy financing projects.

Finally, our experience and innovation is delivered with an unmatched degree of service and responsiveness. Too often, public finance work is unnecessarily slow, and cases are overstaffed. At DeCotiis, we staff our projects leanly, we move quickly, and strive to get out in front of situations - and stay there. We are responsive - calls get returned, emails get responses, questions get answers. We are also proactive and strive to think three moves ahead.

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