Sports and Entertainment

DeCotiis provides legal advice and education to clients in connection with a multitude of sports and entertainment matters. Our attorneys counsel both individual and corporate clients to succeed in multiple levels of the industry. DeCotiis’ attorneys are on the leading edge of innovative negotiation and brand-building, while cultivating relationships with corporate executives and talent, such as artists, writers, producers and athletes.

Our counsel works diligently to devise innovative and sophisticated strategies for our clients, in an effort to establish, develop and sustain their brand and/or business.  We do this by using a variety of platforms and digital media outlets with the goal of enabling our clients to achieve new levels of success in their respective industry.

Our team of attorneys have personal experience as athletes and performers, which fuels their intimate knowledge of the industry. Entrenched in the field, our attorneys know first-hand the factors that drive the sports and entertainment industry. From past trends to perceptive predictions on what’s next, we understand the daily decisions and challenges facing our clients.

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