White Collar and Corporate Investigations

Although all legal issues are significant for a business, charges of white-collar crime are particularly serious. Reputations, careers and sometimes liberty are at stake.  Effective defense of these matters requires quick action, hands-on expertise and an intimate knowledge of both the justice system and the key players.  The White Collar and Corporate Investigations Group at DeCotiis is one of the largest and most respected among major law firms in the State of New Jersey. We provide vigorous defense of individuals and corporations faced with criminal or quasi-criminal investigations and charges. These cases frequently involve inflammatory allegations of fraud or self-dealing, and arise in a wide variety of subject areas including Insurance, Healthcare, Environmental, Banking, RICO, and political activity. Our group includes former Federal and state prosecutors with extensive experience in defending clients against allegations of wrongdoing in various contexts, such as grand jury investigations by Federal and state prosecutors, and investigations by regulatory agencies such as the Securities and Exchange Commission, the Commodity Futures Trading Commission and the Internal Revenue Service. Many cases handled by the Group involve complex parallel civil proceedings. Attorneys in the group are also experienced in conducting internal corporate and union investigations of potential criminal and civil wrongdoing. In these situations, being proactive is essential. We help our clients get out in front of issues, and contain or manage them earlier rather than later, when the stakes can be much higher.  In addition to handling matters during the investigative stages or at trial, the group is also experienced in representing clients in post-trial proceedings and appeals. Although the attorneys in our group are extraordinarily accomplished in the courtroom, much of our work on behalf of clients consists of dissuading prosecutors and regulators from proceeding with threatened criminal charges or lawsuits. It is vastly better to convince a prosecutor to drop or scale back prospective charges than to attempt to fight them in court. This is where our extensive experience, and past posts inside prosecuting agencies are an invaluable asset. A prosecutor has considerable discretion, and we speak their language. They are far more likely to be receptive to an advocate who knows, and has done, their job. We also have both technical and personal credibility that enables us to present our client’s position as forcefully and convincingly as possible. Prosecutors respect us, listen to us, and are more amenable to negotiation.  We also have substantial experience with media relations, and routinely deal with the special public relations problems faced by clients who find themselves immersed in undesired,  high-visibility matters. Whatever the situation, our attorneys stand ready to provide expert, coordinated assistance in these challenging situations.

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