Our Values

Values Statement

DeCotiis, FitzPatrick, Cole & Giblin, LLP, is a client-centered firm. Our relationships with our clients and the trust they place in us are the most valuable assets we have and the foundation of our professional identity.

Our Clients

Our clients’ interests always come first. We consistently base our decisions and actions on an objective, unbiased determination of what is best for them. We represent them and advocate on their behalf zealously and effectively, emphasizing pragmatic, real-world results and practical solutions whenever possible. Our clients are our partners, and as such, will always be kept fully informed – of the status of a matter, of its potential implications, and of both recommended and alternative courses of action. We take a long-term view of our relationships with clients and consider long-term consequences rather than short-term expediency. We charge reasonable fees, based on comprehensive, transparent and detailed explanations of the work we have done.

Our Firm

We strive to practice law at the highest possible level, delivering work product and counsel that is second to none. We do this while strictly observing the ethical and professional standards our profession demands, and from which it ultimately derives its legitimacy. We are always sensitive to and eschew any form of conflict of interest. Recognizing that ours is a profession, but also a business, we operate our firm in a manner that is economically efficient for our clients. We grow, based on the needs of our clients and the opportunities the market presents, in a deliberate, measured and prudent manner, pursuant to a strategic plan. Attorneys are compensated in a manner that rewards productivity, initiative, leadership within the firm and value delivered to our clients.

Our Culture

We recognize that growth, prosperity and the professional rewards of the practice of law are a direct outgrowth of our firm culture and the character of our interactions. At DeCotiis, FitzPatrick, Cole & Giblin, LLP, we treat each other, our staff, vendors and others with whom we deal, with respect, courtesy, compassion, professionalism and openness. We strive to create and maintain a professional environment that is rewarding, challenging and enjoyable. Every individual’s contribution is acknowledged and respected. We value and reward initiative and hard work. We operate as a cohesive, effective team at all times, emphasizing collegiality, recognizing that our partners, attorneys and staff have lives outside of work, and striving to manage our firm in a way that will enable and enrich their lives outside the office as well as within it. We acknowledge the importance of our families and the need to work in a manner sensitive to their needs.

There is zero tolerance for any form of discrimination, harassment or inappropriate workplace behavior. Each of us recognizes our individual duty to conduct and manage our professional activities in a manner that is in the best interests of the firm and of our collective well-being. We intend that all associate lawyers who join our firm will be afforded an equal opportunity for partnership in our firm, while recognizing the need for profitability, economic contribution to the firm and the other attributes of ownership. We encourage and support education, training and professional enrichment for both attorneys and staff.

Our Other Values As A Firm

We are committed to the highest ethical standards and recognize that our firm must take a leadership role in our evolving profession. While recognizing the time limitations, strengths, weaknesses and unique capabilities of all our lawyers, we strive to actively be involved in business, industry and community organizations and to maintain our visibility as lawyers and as members of our communities. In particular, we are cognizant of the close relationship between the legal system and democratic institutions, and actively encourage our attorneys and staff to become active in professional organizations, politics and community activities on every level. Similarly, we encourage both attorneys and staff to support charitable and nonprofit organizations. Our personal and firm charitable activities are intended to contribute meaningfully to our communities.