"Exacting" perhaps best describes New Jersey's environmental laws

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Traversing the maze of New Jersey environmental laws en route to securing optimal business outcomes concerning permitting matters is not for the timid.

Indeed, we note at the deeply resourced law firm of DeCotiis, FitzPatrick, Cole & Giblin in Paramus that the state’s environmental laws “are some of the most aggressive and labyrinthine in the nation.”

That reality means that trying to dodge them or even remotely sidestep their mandates will prove unavailing for any affected party.

In fact, it will flatly doom prospects for any business participant, whether a lender, real estate developer, corporation, public entity or other entity.

The proven path to success for any individual or enterprise confronting New Jersey’s daunting environmental law regime is to deal with all requirements proactively and with an eye on securing fully cooperative agency involvement from the outset.

Again, that is a task often easier said than done, and something that routinely proves impossible for inexperienced legal advisers.

An experienced environmental law firm with decades of applied acumen working with state and federal officials is in the best position to help valued and diverse clients successfully navigate regulatory challenges. We note on our firm’s website that those hurdles “are not only exhaustive, but present a moving target, in that they are constantly being amended, rewritten, altered or influenced by new cases.”

A practiced legal team that has been actively involved on behalf of clients over the full course of such changes – and, moreover, maintains a longstanding record of close relationships with all environmental regulatory bodies – can help to forge outcomes marked notably by savings in time, money and expended resources.

We welcome contacts to the firm concerning any questions or concerns relevant to the markedly complex and highly regulated sphere of environmental law.