Redevelopment law: many actors, multiple considerations

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New Jersey’s redevelopment law sphere is project-oriented, multifaceted and extraordinarily complex.

And as we note on our website at Decotiis, FitzPatrick, Cole & Giblin, it is also “one of the cornerstones of our firm” and its proven representation of regional and national clients.

Diverse participants a hallmark of redevelopment law

A fundamental point to note concerning New Jersey’s redevelopment scheme stresses the sheer scope of individuals and entities that are involved in it. Interested parties cut across an impressively wide swath of public and private actors, including these participants:

  • Broad-based government agencies and offices
  • Private companies with highly varied business goals

A threshold point to note concerning public actors is that redevelopment projects typically involve government entities ranging from a local municipal level to regional and state authorities. As for private participants, the mixed-use nature of redevelopment schemes results in companies spanning a wide universe.

What can an experienced law firm do for redevelopment clients?

The answer to the above headline query is short and simple.

In a word, much.

Initially, of course, redevelopment law legal counsel must be intimately familiar with the connective maze and bureaucratic mandates central to any project. Clients also often need to be accurately advised and diligently represented concerning the following matters:

  • Project financing
  • Surveys, title searches and property appraisal
  • Land-use eligibility assessment
  • Conformity with permitted use law
  • Environmental compliance/remediation
  • Contract negotiation, execution and enforcement

As exhaustive as that list is it, it spells only a partial compendium of what an experienced legal team brings to the table for a redevelopment law client.

Although projects in this singular sphere are invariably challenging, they are also often lucrative for participants who timely secure professional help and fully perform due diligence functions.

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