Dominant car seller slapped with fine in environmental lawsuit

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CarMax is reportedly the largest used-car retailer in the United States. As such, the company’s operations are replete with both business opportunities and challenges.

The latter encompass hurdles that are similarly faced by most companies of significant size and scope that transact business across the U.S.

As CarMax can now readily attest from first-hand experience, one dominant challenge that typically arises for most such enterprises emerges from the environmental realm.

The regulatory exactions spotlighted in that sphere are many and diverse. We prominently note them on our website at the national environmental law firm of Decotiis, FitzPatrick, Cole & Giblin. They encompass these wide-ranging concerns:

  • Federal and state permitting requirements
  • Due diligence re environmental obstacles and risks
  • Adherence with duties imposed by multiple agencies
  • Compliance duties, and dealing with violation-linked penalties

CarMax officials have been centrally focused upon that last bullet point in recent months. A national media report underscored just last week that the company has been targeted in “a years-long undercover investigation” that ultimately yielded a settlement on June 16. That pact was reached following the filing of a criminal lawsuit by 16 district attorney’s offices spanning California.

The allegation against CarMax centrally revolved around an accusation of widespread illegal dumping of hazardous materials. Prosecutors contended that the company flatly skirted environmental dictates, simply disposing of toxic materials in dumpsters at stores across the state. Contaminated materials ranged from paint and solvents to aerosol components and sanding dust.

CarMax opted to settle rather than take the case to a verdict. The company will reportedly pay a $1.6 million fine.

Any company principal with questions or concerns regarding environmental law compliance and related matters can turn for candid guidance and proven representation to an established pro-business environmental law firm.