Spotlighting New Jersey's Local Redevelopment and Housing Law

On Behalf of | Jul 24, 2020 | Redevelopment Law |

To say that redevelopment-focused projects are a big deal in New Jersey without materially underscoring their importance is sheer understatement.

To put it this way: Although redevelopment efforts in some states might not feature much in the way of regulatory exactions, Garden State redevelopment initiatives confront a veritable host of challenges.

Indeed, a given redevelopment can easily be tasked to deal with matters ranging from A-Z (e.g., amending a municipal master plan and conforming to zoning requirements).

Project participants seeking new and desired use in commercial, residential, industrial and other facilities range broadly from cities, counties and housing groups to local government bodies and stage agencies. Regardless of the role they play, those entities routinely turn to a proven redevelopment legal team to deal with complex matters and promote positive outcomes.

We duly stress on our website at the established New Jersey business law firm of DeCotiis, FitzPatrick, Cole & Giblin that “redevelopment law is one of the cornerstones of our firm.” Our deep group of practiced attorneys helps valued clients at every government level, as well as private commercial entities.

In doing so, we are centrally guided by the state’s Local Redevelopment and Housing Law, which spells topical legislation as detailed and complex as any elsewhere in the country. That statutory enactment stresses these key aims:

  • Halting and thereafter improving deteriorated facilities
  • Broadly promoting the public interest through redevelopment
  • Advancing the economy through reclamation efforts
  • Providing a single conduit/process to be routinely followed in redevelopment projects

Successful participation in a redevelopment project unquestionably mandates a strong team effort comprising professionals in various fields. A proven law firm specializing in the field can help ensure the optimal advancement of a client’s interests.